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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 27, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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"fox & friends" starts right now. >> welcome aboard, folks. it is tuesday already. and brian kilmeade is on vacation. he doesn't take vacation very often but he's taking vacation. >> he is. we've got the lawyer in the house, peter johnson jr. for all legal matters and everything else. here for three hours. >> honour to sit in for brian. >> three hours, your retainer is $25. >> hope you bought your wallet. >> $75. >> comes with pockets. >> i do it for friendship with you guys. >> good to have you. >> thank you. >> the white house won't know for weeks how damaging the leaking of documents are. julie kurtz joins us live from washington. another bombshell? >> that's what's expected. the leak of all these classified documents, raw intelligence data really has sent the obama
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administration into damage control but how much damage was actually done and might be done with these additional documents expected soon. it's a huge question if you continue to try go through the 91,000 secret documents released on sunday with more reportedly on way. the information released by the web site is described by the military as secret battlefield reports which are critical of pakistani intelligence, helping the insurgency there and suggesting the taliban happened equipped with heat seeking missiles and contain information about civilian casualties. now the white house, c.i.a., pentagon and frankly the media want to know who leaked the documents much the founder was on larry king last night and did not answer that question. here he is. >> we usually always do not know the source. we are specialized in not knowing who our sources are. we are specialized instead of verifying sources, verifying the documents themselves.
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>> but guys, back in april, wicky leaks released that video of a u.s. attack in iraq. army intelligence analyst has been charged in that case. he reportedly bragged on line that he had a load of classified documents as well. the white house is calling the release of this alarming and it comes as the congress is close to voting on funding the war and that 60,000, $60 billion funding bill is expected to pass soon. back to you guys. >> gotcha. all right, julie live in our d.c. bureau. thank you, ma'am. >> couple of other headlines for you. fox news alert, overnight, one of the two missing sailors in afghanistan has been confirmed dead. nato recovered the body and family members have been informed. colorado lawmaker says the sailor of his wife's nephew, justin mcneily. the navy not confirming that yet. and the search continues for the other missing sailor. the taliban says it captured him but the military is not addressing that claim.
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it is official. early this morning, b.p. announced tony hayward will step down on october 1st and then headed straight to siberia? that's right. he's getting a cushy job with the company's joint british-russian venture. as expected, hayward will be replaced by american bob dudley. today on capitol hill, four separate hearings get under way surrounding the oil spill including one on the impact of the president's drilling moratorium. arizona governor jan brewer is asking a judge to throw on the federal government's challenge to the new immigration law in her state. brewer says the department of justice failed to prove that the law could harm the federal government. sb-1070 goes into effect this thursday. judge susan bolten considering requests by a phoenix police officer and civil rights groups to put the law on hold. the year of the pitcher continuing in a big way last night. matt garza of the tampa bay rays throws the first no hitter in that franchise's history. >> it's a fly ball to right.
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he's gonna get it. makes the catch and this game is over. matt garza has faced 27 hitters. >> beat the tigers 5-0. that makes five no-hitters already this year. last time this happened, 1991. i wonder if that's because players aren't using steroids anymore. >> it gave me an edge. >> good observation. >> i don't know. duh! >> let's talk about politics dominating washington, d.c. and the number one political topic right now on capitol hill is will charlie rangel wake up and realize he's an embarrassment right now for the democrats who are -- every democrat in the house of representatives is facing a midterm challenge and he is bad for business because he brings in the whole, look what charlie rangel is involved in, peter johnson. there's corruption all over the place if he was in charge of the house ways and means committee.
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>> last night, fox asked charlie rangel about the possibility of a deal. let's hear what he had to say. >> haven't heard anything like that. haven't heard anything. wish i could accommodate you. i really can't. haven't heard anything from the last question so i'll ask and wish i could respond. >> this is all about wheeling and dealing on capitol hill, folks. come on, there's a private closed door meeting last night between charlie rangel and his attorney. they met privately with a democrat from california. why? because on thursday, the house is preparing to launch a public ethics inquiry into charlie rangel. so here we go. deals behind closed doors all because of the fact that steve mentioned this is bad news for the democrats in the november midterm elections. come on, they don't want this thing hanging over their head talking about ethics violations. don't you remember, nancy pelosi said she'll run the cleanest house ever. that's going to haunt democrats. >> this puts democrats in a tough spot and congressman
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rangel has been there for 40 years and achieves between 80% and 90% pluralities, majorities every time he goes to the well for re-election and i think the reason he's been able to stay on for so long. this has gone on for two years, tremendous amount of good will with democrats but also with a lot of republicans. and so these charges came as a surprise to a lot of people. he's got an election campaign that's going on this year so he's trying to dance between the rain drops, as it were. can he get re-elected in time before these charges are decided? >> exactly. and so every time a reporter sees him in the hall or something like that, they say what are you gonna do? he says well, let's find out what the charges are. on thursday, the charges are going to be forthcoming and then, according to politico, somebody had seen it and it is devastating and they say immediately a committee of eight members of the house will essentially start a trial to
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figure out whether or not, what, he stays or goes? >> are you saying that these charges were surprising to rangel? there's been a two-year probe into tax evasion. >> no. i think that based on his personal relationship with a lot of people and he's considered a very nice guy and he's considered a decent guy. >> let some stuff slide. >> i think that people were surprised at the gravity of the charges that have been developed by "the new york post," "the new york times" and other media outlets here in new york with regard to rent controlled apartments, with regard to parking his mercedes in a congressional parking lot for a long time without -- >> years. >> without fees. >> and on other issues but what i'm saying is this is an old boys and sometimes an old girls network in washington that they take care of each other. >> right. i think that's what a lot of americans are really angered about right now because they're saying maybe this is a pure example of why we should have term limits. >> at the same time, we need to
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see what the charges are in this case. i mean, by reports, as you point out, steve, they appear to be devastating. >> they do. and in fact, mike pense, number three republican in the house will be on this program today. he says about the charlie rangel affair, don't cut a deal with him ahead of time. let's let the ethics committee do their work. >> it seems like the deal time has been lost. once it gets out into the public realm, what we're talking about -- >> i think there's going to be a deal. >> maybe you're right. >> maybe i need to get my wallet now. >> you may be right. you may be right. remember when paul mccartney was invited to sing at the white house. this is about eight weeks or so ago and he gave that zinger at the end of the performance. after president obama had left, apparently, paul mccartney said this about president bush. >> this is a fantastic honour for the gershwin family to give me this incredible award.
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after the last eight years, it's great to have a president who knows who a library is. >> after he said that, that was such a slap at george w. bush and considering the fact that george w. bush is married to a fo former librarian, it's just ludicrous. what's interesting is that event was taped by wtea, they had a 60 minute concert that they had to turn into a 90 minute special. so you would think they would need as much as possible. that little 18 seconds has been edited out. somebody from fox news radio has seen it, and says "it is gone." >> i'm glad it's out because to repeat that over and over again, it creates a perception and we heard from karl rove and dana perino and others who talked about the kind of book reading that the president was engaging in and still engages in. he would read a book or two a
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week. >> he had a contest with karl rove. he beat karl rove even though he was the president of the united states and more busy at that time. >> one month, each of them read 50 books in one month. >> let me ask you this and let me ask the viewers, do you think that the mainstream media will cover the fact now that paul mccartney -- first of all, they probably didn't cover that much originally what he said but do you think they'll cover now that pbs has taken it out? why would pbs feel that it's important enough to take that comment out? i find that highly interesting. >> "the washington post" is reporting it's missing from the special so there you go. >> i'd like to hear what people think. there's both arguments. it should be out. it should be in. what do you think? >> ok. let's talk about a suburb of the twin cities, gretchen's hometown. lino lakes. apparently, last night, they had a city council vote that was heat. and in fact, there was one woman who got so passionate about it, she had to be escorted out and
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people there were talking about how this is not arizona. and stuff like that. in the end, by a vote of 4-1, the town councilors there said that all the town stuff essentially has got to be in english and it's not for any reason other than we are strapped for cash. >> this was the compact quote. these are really hard times economically for all of us. this is a budgetary issue. the staff has taken furloughs and pay cuts to balance the budget and at least five have been laid off in the town staff. and so that is the reason why they're doing this. they simply say they don't have the money to translate everything in these different languages. >> we're told that the law was drawn in accordance with title six of the civil rights act which allows and really mandates towns like lino lakes to have document -- lino lakes, excuse me, gretchen, have documents available for people in languages they can understand and they're saying, listen,
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we're not doing this with regard to any documents, with regard to health or safety or policing but other documents which are too expensesive to be translated because they're afraid of the constitutional challenge based on the law that they have. there are constitutional challenges to these in about 20 or 30 states across the country already. >> we were talking about how in new jersey they were going to have to translate things into a million different languages when people are pulled over and brea breathalyzed them. doesn't google translate everything? aren't there a million internet translators? if anyone needs the translation, it's as close as your laptop. >> a lot of people in this atmosphere are afraid to say we should have english only. that people -- all people, all people who aspire to be americans should learn -- i mean, i don't think that's a tough concept. >> let us know what you think.
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>> meantime, we have a packed show for you. two girls, one is alive. the other is dead. but how were the wrong parents told that their child had passed away? the hospital now trying to explain this horrible mix-up. >> then a warning ignored. a documentary filmmaker says lawmakers wouldn't listen to his warnings about immigration and the growing violence on the mexican border. [ female announcer ] food myth #9.
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>> property in mexican drug cartels and illegal immigrants as well. documentarian chris bogard witnessed the situation along the border at the wildlife preserve in southern arizona and he joins us live this morning from los angeles. good morning to you, chris. >> good morning to you, steve. how are you, sir? >> fine, thank you very much. it's good to have you. >> good to be had. >> the arizona law 1070 will go into effect it looks like in a couple of days and eyes are on the southern border.
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you're here to tell us, you did a documentary a couple of years ago and it was a warning to people that what is going on down on our southern border, it's like a wild west show with real guns and real bullets and real lives hanging in the balance. >> it is. you know, one of the things we ran into down there was uniformed men carrying weapons escorting contraband across the border in the animal preserve and, you know, now five years later, and where we were is now off-limits to americans. it's not safe for them to go there and for the people that live in the valley, very much like the ranchers in texas, they live in a constant state of fear. can you imagine going out to water your horses in the morning, your dog comes up to you, drops the white ball. wants you to throw it. and it's not a ball. but it's a human skull from a woman that was killed on your ranch? that's what these folks are living with down there. it's pretty tense.
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>> no kidding. for people who say look, we have a border fence along some of that and we have a lot of patrol guys and gals. to that, you just laugh, don't you? >> well, you know, steve, the border fence is very effective as a force multiplier as we've seen out here in california at imperial beach. but in other places like you just saw the footage there in texas, it's where they had the incursion with the mexican military humvees a while back facing off texas law enforcement. they finally came down and built a fence but the fence stops about 500 yards from where the humvees came across. in that three mile section of fence, there's two 12 foot gaps that you could drive a truck through and both of these groups have paths going down to and across the river. so that's a the lot of money. >> no kidding. all right. if you were secretary of the department of homeland security, how would you fix it? > >> well, it's not a one step
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fix because the border, it's long. there's -- it's a multilayered answer. first thing i would do is in texas, i would give local law enforcement and border patrol all the resources they need to fight this. texas board sheriffs coalition has long been asking the obama administration for military surplus to help them down there and what they're doing against the drug cartels. in arizona, there are a lot of ranchers help a lot safer when the national guarders are back out there. you go back to new mexico, we had a striker unit on the border. it shut down the most popular cocaine corridor in that state for the entire time they were out there. >> chris, those are all good ideas. let's hope somebody is listening. there is trouble down there. all right, chris, thank you very much for joining us today from los angeles. >> have a good day, sir. >> you bet. you as well. straight ahead, the president is focusing more on florida than the other gulf states affected by the spill but florida has been the least affected so is he
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protecting the beaches or his poll numbers? florida is the one state on the gulf that he won. a fair and balanced debate coming up next and teachers pushing sex education for kids with a video game. did we mention it costs hundreds and thousands of your dollars? at this moment, your father is alive... your son is safe... your wife is recovering... and your baby is coming home... is this really the moment to cut $4 billion from our hospitals?
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you've got to try it,
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>> at 23 minutes after the hour here on "fox & friends", a quick check of headlines. the f.b.i. now joining the search for a missing 2-year-old boy who disappeared from an arizona campground. he was last seen sleeping in his tent last sunday night. he was camping with a family who wanted to adopt him. and we expect to hear new details today in the case of kyron horman missing boy from
6:24 am
oregon. the 7-year-old disappeared in june. his stepmother was the last person to see him and has been the focus of the investigation. gretchen? >> thank you, peter. the white house has sent aides to each of the gulf states now affected by the oil spill. every state will get one aide except for florida, it will get four even though they've gotten the least amount of oil. is he trying to clean up his image? joining us is justin saffe and president of the women's media center and former advisor it hillary clinton's 2008 presidential campaign. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> i'll give you the first crack at this. politics here, why send four aides to florida? the president won that state over john mccain but only has a 40% approval rating there right now. >> that's exactly it.
6:25 am
before the b.p. oil spill, president obama's rating in florida was 50%, 45% disapproved. last month, a poll came out and showed his disapproval rating went up to 54% and only 40% of floridians now approve of the job that president obama is doing and his approval on the b.p. -- his response to the b.p. oil spill, 54% of floridians disapprove and only 37% approve of the job that he's done on the b.p. oil spill so this is all about protecting president obama's dropping poll numbers, looking forward to the 2012 presidential election and that's why he sent four communications and political people who used to work on his 2008 campaign who now work for the federal government here to florida to try to gussy up what's been a very lethargic response so the people of florida have said they don't approve of. >> i know you're chomping at the bit to go up against justin. what do you have to say? >> i think it's like that old
6:26 am
saying. darned if you do. darned if you don't. i think clearly the president is responding to calls for his administration to have much more of a direct line to some of the communications and the needs of local people in florida, louisiana and alabama. >> why four people when othe least amount of oil is in florida. >> florida is a big state. many years ago, i was southern political director at the democratic national committee and had louisiana, mississippi, florida, all of those in my purview and spent a lot more time in florida because it's a larger piece of property. i think that, you know, clearly, also, if you look at the economic hits that florida has been taking because of the media's response and indications that the oil was going to come on shore and it hasn't but they're still being hit pretty
6:27 am
hard. i think in the same way that governor jindal and governor crist are taking steps to make sure their states are protected and they've seen some political bumps, that's not about playing politics. that's about making sure their economies are protected and that our response is -- >> does it have to do with the size of the state, though, or the amount of damage that's actually being done in the other states? and by the way, the president going on vacation, where? to florida, right? >> right. absolutely. >> he's clearly being responsive. when he went to maine -- >> why not louisiana, why not mississippi, why florida? >> the reason is because florida has 27 electoral votes. with the census, we'll probably pick up one more. when the president runs for re-election, we'll have at least 28 electoral votes, louisiana has only nine electoral votes. so we have four times as many people that the president sent down on his communications effort. it has to do with the 2012 re-election campaign for the president. that's why he's so concerned. that's why he's so concerned
6:28 am
with florida. >> i'm sorry, i cannot buy into the level of cynicism that you want to put out there. i actually believe that just like governor jindal, just like governor crist, president obama is taking the necessary steps to make sure that the response is as aggressive as possible. he's listening to people on the ground and initially was sending people out early. he sent out janet napolitano, lisa jackson and sent out ken salazar and now he's put his team permanently down there and we in the media have the responsibility to have a much more responsive discourse and not just be so electorally focused. >> for some reason -- >> i got to wrap it up there. we've had a chance to make it a fair and balanced effort. just what she said. we in the media have had a fair and balanced debate at least here. thanks, both of you. >> thanks. >> they stand accused of scamming voters out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. the state attorney general is looking into why some officials are being paid more than the president. stu varney here with that story. be careful when you click send
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>> pfizer declared that the heavy lifting is over for the year and it's time to begin campaigning and talking about all the white house accomplishments. you know something, the heavy lifting might be over but sounds like the heavy shovelling is just beginning, ladies and gentlemen. just beginning. wea've heard about the spell an check and grammar check. spell check, yes.
6:33 am
>> there's this new thing called tone check. how many times have you gotten an e-mail from somebody and said, what does that mean? i don't know what they were trying to say. people try to be funny or try to be direct. there's unintended consequences and there's this new program you can run through microsoft outlook called tone check and here's what it does. it scans e-mail messages for unintended emotion, cross references the words and phrases in the data base and flags down parts that could be misinterpreted so if you run an outgoing message through this before it goes out. there's a possibility that you will be saved a little embarrassment. >> if i were responding to one of your e-mails and i say steve, e-mail is such a pain, what would that say? >> tone check would say that's humiliating and probably a bad idea. >> i'm sending you bad karma. bad thing to do. >> there's another thing. if you did this one, i hate the constant interruptions. that sounds angry. >> angry.
6:34 am
>> shouldn't send that out either. >> what about this one? i loved meeting with you today. i always say that to everyone. >> it's enjoyable. i don't mean it and i hope we can continue working together. that means contented. i don't know what contented -- i guess it means you're content. that makes no sense. >> and my daughters get angry at me. they'll send me long e-mails and i'll write fine. or sure. >> that's a gender thing. that's a gender thing. >> it is? >> well, they are my daughters. >> that's the way my husband responds. he just does one word. >> it's love, it's affection. it's unspoken but are we all going to be computers with this thing? should there be no emotion in e-mails? should we strip e-mails of emotion or unintended emotion? >> you know what we do at our house, it's the boys and girls. when somebody asks a question that needs a simple response, we write back the letter k. >> k, yeah.
6:35 am
>> k, i see that a lot, too. >> yeah, why not, make it simple. >> i think the best advice is maybe if you're going to write back and e-mail and if you have any question how it might be interpreted, do save draft first and go back and look at it a couple of minutes later. >> why are you writing me at all? >> fine, peter. >> k. time for headlines. tornadoes being blamed for two people dying. it happened near reserve, montana where a twister flattened a farmhouse. a woman was hurt and her condition is unknown at this hour. the same one flew through north dakota. no reports of injuries there. >> meanwhile, the federal judge overseeing the september 11th health compensation fund admits a settlement is horrible but says the victims should accept the $712 million deal anyway. he called himself a failure for not being able to get more money. at least 95% of the nearly 11,000 vimenctims have until th
6:36 am
end of september to accept the deal. >> for a week, he prayed over a woman he believed was his daughter but it really wasn't. his daughter was dead and now frank cantu is speaking out about the horrific medical mix-up. a spokesperson for st. joseph's hospital in phoenix says they used information from the families to identify the patient as frank's daughter, marlena. her friend abbey guerra was the one alive. despite having that information, doctors somehow still got the identification process wrong. but as shocking as the news was, frank said it did provide a sense of closure. he says it was comforting to know his daughter did not suffer. and in the 8:00 hour, we'll talk to members of both families of this incredible story. >> major drama brewing as we enter the final days now of rob blagojevich's corruption trial in illinois. closing arguments are said to wrap up this morning. his attorney might not be the
6:37 am
one giving them. this after a showdown between the judge and blago's lawyer. the judge will not let him bring up witnesses that never testified during trial. his lawyer says he'll do it anyway even if that means he goes to jail. the judge says another lawyer may need to take over the case. >> meanwhile, citizens in california on the west coast of that map right there, still raging over out of control government salaries. $500,000 they pay their police chief. $800,000 for city manager. well, last night, the council voted to reduce their salaries by 90% but taxpayers say it's not enough! >> you all need to go to jail so that we don't have to pay you back one penny. >> guilty. oscar hernandez, guilty. you're a bunch of crooks. we don't want you around. even if you offer to work for nothing, you're a crook yesterday. you're a crook today and you'll be a crook tomorrow, ma'am.
6:38 am
>> vice mayor, whatever you are, if you're a pillar of this community, then i hope you crash and burn. >> wow. >> ok. now, attorney general jerry browne, of course, running for governor is calling for an investigation. stu varney is here. that's mind boggling, $800,000 for city manager. in playing the game of life with my kids, you get those careers. it doesn't say that. >> it is a town of 38,000 people paying a city manager $800,000. you gave all the numbers. this is being called, that demonstration last night and others like it is being called the spanish tea party because there really is a revolt, a grassroots revolt against paying public officials this kind of money. now, the thing is could this spread? california is broke. flat out broke. numerous towns and municipalities across the state, i don't know whether they're paying the same kind of level of salaries but they are paying
6:39 am
lavish pay and benefits to state workers. this could spread. that's why attorney general jerry browne has jumped in, demanding an investigation. he's running for governor. he's running against meg whitman for governor. he sees a political opportunity in this grassroots revolt. it's a nationwide story, actually. not just california. >> absolutely. >> then this has been the tip of the iceberg. what can people do, stuart, i mean it's incredible that the people in that 38,000 person town, 2 1/2 square miles. >> yeah. >> were not aware of this. the local media didn't make them aware of this. what can people do in their own towns, their own small cities to find out if people are making a half a million dollars or $700,000? i mean, doesn't there have to be a greater sense of understanding? >> i am told that all across the state, the books are being scrutinized by local media and townspeople. how much are we paying our elected officials? how much are we paying state workers?
6:40 am
that's if the great scandal of california and other states across the nation. the lavish pay and benefits, especially pensions given to retired state workers, that is one of the principal reasons for the bankruptcy of so many states. >> but $800,000. that's mind boggling. members of congress make 1/4 of that. >> it is mind boggling. how did it happen? the gentleman in question, the city manager, he arranged for a vote on a new charter for the town. he arranged for the vote. only 400 votes were cast in a total population of 38,000. it passed. that allowed these elected officials to change their salary base. and by the way, the $800,000 a year city manager, he's out -- he's resigned. but he's got a pension. of $650,000 a year for life. >> no way! >> yes. >> we should point out that stuart varney brought us this story last week before anybody was yelling and screaming. peter made a good point. i live in a town where i have no
6:41 am
idea what those town managers make. i live next to your town where you have no idea how much your town manager makes. you look at the anger of the faces of those people in the soundbite that we just ran, we are approaching howard biel moment where americans are sick and tired and not take it anymore. mad as hell. >> look at that. that's a grassroots angry movement. and it's been provoked by the extraordinary indebtedness of california and other states. that's what's provoked this. >> people have to go to their phones in a civil, reasonable way and call their city manager and say, listen, i need a list of what people are making because in bell, california, police chief making half a million dollars. >> it took "the l.a. times" to find these numbers. >> it was. it was "the l.a. times" that dug in and got these numbers. >> a lot of municipalities hide this information. it's a start.
6:42 am
>> how will this grassroots effort be played out by the mainstream media? because you have a lot of hispanics in this particular rally, you called it a spanish term. and the tea partiers have been accused of being racist. this will be interesting. >> it will indeed. i should point out that bell, california, the town in question has a surplus, a budget surplus of $22 million. >> so they can afford $800,000 for the guy. >> the citizens actually don't like it. i think this may spread. >> all right. stuart varney, you can check him out every day at 9:20 eastern time on the fox business network. >> thank you very much. >> great report. democrats preparing to invade some traditional g.o.p. territory. theming up with the n.r.a. about the november elections ych. why the change of heart? vice president of the gun association will join us next. >> hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars going to a new video game that helps teach kids about sex by acting out scenarios.
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>> couple quick headlines for you. one florida university is using taxpayers money to develop a sex education video game. check this out. it features real life scenarios intended to help teach preteens how to resist peer pressure when it comes to sex. the project costs $400,000 and it's expected to be ready by next spring. also in florida, one college graduate is going to extreme measures to land a job. adam winter set up a job search stand with a huge sign that reads "college graduate needs a job" in the middle of a busy road. he already has a few interviews lined up. perseverance can pay off. peter? >> thank you, gretchen. 2010 is a critical election year. especially for democrats as they try to hold on to majorities in
6:47 am
the house and in the senate. to fight off republicans, some democrats are inching more and more to the right. forcing their support for the second amendment and the n.r.a. joining us now is the c.e.o. of the national rifle association, the n.r.a., wayne lapierre. how are you? >> good morning. i'm fine. thanks for having me. >> now, tell me -- i understand now that the n.r.a. is making more and more campaign contributions to the democrats. maybe 25% or 26% of your money now goes to democrats. back in 2000, only 8% did. why the big shift? explain. >> well, we know this town. i mean, the fact is that we know who our friends are. we know who our enhemies are. there's a molten core of democrats in this town, in the senate that runs from humor to feinstein to durbin. in the senate, it runs from pelosi to many of her committee chairs to the white house which
6:48 am
is full of democrats who have spent a lifetime trying to bring wreckage to this freedom so there are dark clouds on the horizon. >> and we're going to have a fight. they're lying in the weeds in wait to pick their time to try to destroy this freedom and we're going to be there defending the second amendment. >> in terms of those dark clouds, there are some in the conservative movement who say you are seeding those dark clouds in that you're throwing the cause of the second amendment to the winds for the strength of the n.r.a. only. some bloggers have said you've put aaside the conservative movement for the narrow interests of the n.r.a. is that true or not true? >> n.r.a. is a freedom organization. that's why we still have it. in fact, i believe at the very root of other countries lost to this freedom is the inability to form an organization like the n.r.a. some democrats it's true have learned the last of the clinton-gore years where they centered the second amendment
6:49 am
and gun bans as a centerpiece of their re-election strategy walked democrats out on a plank. the voters cut it off behind them. and president clinton now says that cost the democrats 18 to 20 seats in the house and cost al gore the presidency. some have learned a lesson but we have a fight on our hands. >> thank you so much for being with us here today. we hope to see you soon and wish you luck in all your efforts. take care. ok. still can't get a loan or a credit card? where is all that money taxpayers gave to bail out the big banks? what if we told you it went overseas? judge napolitano has one word for this. unconstitutional. he's here next. and you don't usually find lifeguards confined to wheelchairs on the job. why is the government requiring lifeguard stands they have wheelchair lifts? is this another example of government regulation trumping common sense. we'll tell you. @ @
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> all right. welcome back on this tuesday. a new report details where goldman-sachs sent part of the taxpayer funded bailout money. they sent it overseas. $4.3 billion went to some 32 foreign hedge funds and big banks as well. goldman-sachs only made the list of recipients public last week under threat of subpoena by republican senator chuck grassley of iowa. >> some people have saying this is pretty outrageous but is it legal? fox news senior judicial analyst and host of "freedom watch" on the fox business network judge andrew napolitano is here to answer that question. >> good morning, guys. regrettably it is legal. it's not constitutional in my view because the congress gave
6:54 am
the treasury a blank check and the treasury started writing checks to people who didn't need it like goldman-sachs and the treasury gave $130 billion to aig and aig took the first 13 of that and paid its principal creditor, goldman. so goldman-sachs got $13 billion in a two-week period. $13 billion from aig and $10 billion in tarp funds that they didn't need from the federal government. $23 billion federal dollars to spend as they wish. why couldn't they spend as they wish? the fed put no controls. the treasury put no controls how this was spent. why is that unconstitutional? because the constitution says all federal expenditures must expressly be approved by congress. you can't give away blank checks. >> the think that is so galling to people. we thought, ok, we're bailing out the banks to the tune of all of these billions and billions of dollars. it's for our economy.
6:55 am
next thing you know, it's ricochetting around the planet and other big offers. >> people wonder why there's insufficient cash to make loans when people need the money because the money is overseas. >> is that the true argument there's insufficient funds or banks didn't want to extend loans to people for fear they were going to pay it off. >> it's probably both. what's horrendous here if you were going to borrow $23 billion from a bank, the bank would want to know how you're going to spend it and the bank wouldn't give you $23 million, it would give you to the entity on which you were going to spend it. feds didn't do it that way. the fed gave out the blank checks. his ire and anger is legitimate. he should have had it years ago when it came out. >> judge andrew napolitano, the host of freedom watch. >> i would have loved to have written that contract. i bet beck could have written that contract.
6:56 am
>> he's just around the bend. there he is. >> it would. yes, it would. >> he'll be on at the top of the hour. in the meantime, girls night out may never be the same! a lawsuit says ladies night is a form of gender discrimination. a fair and balanced legal debate ahead. >> what about thirsty thursday? and britain now ready to admit its health care system is a big, fat mess. it's a system that sort of just like the one we made law in the united states of america. that and so much more rolling on live from new york city in two minutes. [ male announcer ] how do you turn one box of honey nut cheerios cereal... ...into a free year's supply? be one of thousands to win free honey nut cheerios
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6:59 am
>> top of the morning to you on a tuesday, july 27, 2010. thanks for sharing your time with us. gulf states of louisiana and mississippi hit the hardst by the oil spill.
7:00 am
why is the president sending only one white house official to fielding complaints in those states and four to florida. some are saying votes. politics of the spill now. >> and the u.k. admits its socialized medicine is a mess. didn't we just pass health care modelled after theirs? what does this mean for our future? >> good question. and look at this photo. three superstars of television hanging out together at the old ballgame. what do they talk about? glenn beck gives us the story behind his night out with the boys. we'll find out who paid for the nachos. yankees stadium, they're $75. "fox & friends" hour two for tuesday starts right now. >> hi, this is john hurley and you're watching "fox & friends." good for you. >> thanks very much. welcome, everyone. hope you had a great monday. now we're moving on to tuesday and peter johnson jr. sitting in for brian today. good to have you.
7:01 am
>> great to have you today. >> thank you. >> let's kick it off with some headlines. more bombshells could be coming out about the war in afghanistan. wikileaks says it's going to be releasing 15,000 more documents. this after they released over 90,000 secret documents over the weekend. white house on the defensive and says it will take several days to analyze the extent of the damage. >> besides being against the law, has the potential to be harmful to those who are in our military, those that are cooperating with our military and those that are working to us safe. >> documents have already shown that pakistan may be in bed with the taliban and iran is helping to fuel the insurgency. live report from the white house coming up in the next hour. fox news alert for you now. we now know that one of those two missing sailors in afghanist afghanistan confirmed dead. nato notified the family. they say the sailor was his
7:02 am
wife's nephew, justin mcneily. navy not confirming that yet. search continues for the other missing sailor. the taliban says it captured him but the military is not addressing that claim. while you were sleeping, b.p. made the big announcement. tony hayward will step down on october 1st and then he's headed to russia? that's right. hayward getting a cushy job with the company's joint british-russian venture. he will be replaced by american bob dudley. on capitol hill, four separate hearings under way surrounding the oil spill including one on the economic impact of the president's drilling moratorium. security preps under way in phoenix for a massive immigration rally to take place on thursday, the same day that arizona's new immigration law goes into effect. thousands of pro immigration supporters are expected to descend on phoenix from all around the country. this man already protesting. >> we've been called so many names and cussed out and they told us, you know, that's an act
7:03 am
of war for flying the mexican flag and that's awful because i'm a mexican-american and i'm proud of my heritage. >> meantime, several immigrants are pulling their kids out of school in the school district in phoenix. classes are already under way. 2800 kids were expected on the first day of school but only 2250 showed up. those are the headlines. >> glenn beck reported for duty on this tuesday morning. >> how are you doing? god knows, this arizona thing, isn't it interesting the president will be on "the view" coincidentally on the same day. >> it's got to be -- >> of course, it's a total coincidence. >> also probably a coincidence when you look at the gulf spill. >> yeah. >> you've got the president's team has sent down one person to mississippi, one person to alabama, one person to louisiana, four people to florida! >> well, florida is shaped, you know, like that and so it's -- you've got to have more than one person there. and, of course, you know, if you're looking into the oil
7:04 am
spill the thing that i think so people are crying out for, more campaign managers. people who have worked on the campaign. >> could he be looking for votes, glenn? i mean, president obama won the state of florida over john mccain but those other three states, john mccain won the vote. is it a foregone conclusion those three states would go to the republican coming up in 2012. florida right now, president obama has a 40% approval rating. >> if you look at -- first of all, let's look at the people he's sending. if the state needs help, you send communications directors and political aides? i mean, that's ridiculous! why don't we throw in some gang members and a lawyer or two as well. >> thank you. >> got your back! >> no equivalent. if you look at history, it's exactly the same thing f.d.r. did. during the elections with f.d.r., the way he got re-elected is he completely would dismiss the states that he didn't win and had a hard time.
7:05 am
none of the money went to the states. none of the people went to the states. he helped them not althout all. he wrote them off and funneled everything into the states -- >> all those states are red states except florida which technically would have been a blue state. blue painted with oil. >> look at the way it's shaped. they need four people there. >> you're so cynical. >> we should point out the beaches in those places are prestige. people can go on vacation down there and he this ought to. people are hurting. >> louisiana is really -- louisiana, mississippi, alabama, but why pay attention to those when you can't get the votes? >> sure. let's talk a little bit about health care. we've talked a lot about it in the last year. now donald berwick who is going to run medicare and he was a controversial figure. i believe he was -- where's the correct term where the congress didn't approve him. he was a recess appointment by the president, right? >> stealth appointment. >> he's -- i mean, he has
7:06 am
everything that we've been pointing out on the show. we said that health care was about redistribution of wealth. "new york times" said i was crazy for saying that. i said they were going to -- they're not going to have death panels. they'll have the complete live system. that's what came out of the white house. of course, i was irresponsible for saying that. this is a guy who says any health care must twice -- must, must redistribute wealth. so it's about redistribution of wealth and he called england's health care system a seductress. he thinks it's the best system that's ever been created. >> this guy is going to control a trillion dollars plus in terms of how our economy is spent, especially on health. we haven't heard from him. nothing. nothing. >> no, we've heard enough -- i know they didn't do it in congress but if anybody is paying attention and that's what the president is counting on. nobody is. if anybody is paying attention, this man is into rationing care. again, his quote is "it's not a
7:07 am
matter of if, it's a matter of how we ration care. >> the news today is that britain's health secretary is announcing that they are going to have to pull in. they're going to have rein in the spending on their health care system. now you have -- >> draining water out of plant stands. i mean, there was a completely out of control system. everybody knew that. we're basing everything that we're doing on them. what is happening in england really truly is about civil unrest and the labor unions over there. this is what they're gonna do is going to displace all of these federal workers and health care workers that have been under the national umbrella. >> the reports in england that they are going to limit end of life care. we talk about death panels. they're saying potentially terminally ill cancer patients, we'll go home and teach them about self-management in the end stages of life. is this what we're going to in the united states? >> yeah, it's called the
7:08 am
complete live system. over a year ago, it came from the white house. i laid it out for the american people. everybody continued to say that's irresponsible and wrong to say. here we have the guy sitting up saying it's not a matter of if but not a matter of how. for small babies under 3. you'll get very little care. once you hit 60 years old, you'll get very little care. that's the way it works. >> i know you've addressed this. there's a perception that things are not going well in the united states. >> no! >> thau au >> there's a perception of failure. bill moyer in the 1970's had what he predicted eight stages of social movement success. we have it over there on the big screen. >> there they are. >> what's interesting -- >> perception of failure but if you look at this and again, this is bill moyer, he was a guy who
7:09 am
was big into the anti-nuke thing. this is a system made for radicals. and if you look at it, where we are is the perception of failure. we have the ripening conditions, the trigger event, step four was the trigger event. 9/12 last year when everybody got involved. and people are like look it, we do have a movement. in it they outlines why that failure is happening. the system isn't working and the administration is pushing it down and saying we're not going to change our ways stage 5 is the critical movement. if the tea party movement falls apart and this is where they usually fall apart. if it falls apart there, it's over. but one step away is success. >> do you accept that ideology that bill moyer stuff? i find it -- i watch every day. and you rail against the chicago social movement progressives but
7:10 am
he's a chicago social movement progressive. is that the right pattern that he's come up with here. >> i think when you read this report. we just -- i don't know if we've read this report. a lot of the things i haven't died into. this particular report is well done. it's actually accurate. it's a good model and something everybody should read. i made it available in our e-mail newsletter it explains what they're doing and also what your perception should be. >> should we be ot miss i can? >> absolutely. you should be optimistic. this is the critical condititim. >> for the first time, the president is going to the show "the view" on thursday. did you see any tie-in on that being the day of the new immigration law? >> no, i think the man is brad pitt. why not? he's a big celebrity. put him on "the view." >> ee the celebrity in chief.
7:11 am
>> what's the tie-in? people will be distracted by the fact that the law took effect or forum to talk about it again. >> he'll have a forum to talk about it and have a forum in an unchallenged way except for both elizabeth hassle back. i don't know how sde it every day. >> apparently, barbara walters is coming back for that particular interview. we know that your buddy, bill o'reilly. our buddy bill o'reilly was on the jlen jay leno show last night. >> you were spotted at yankee stadium with your entourage. >> yeah. >> show your picture. show that picture. i tell you why this fascinates him. who do you have more in common with geraldo rivera or glenn beck? >> both come on my program. geraldo is a classic social liberal, conservative fiscally guy. lives in new jersey. beck, i can't really describe beck. he's just unique so, you know, when they say stuff and, you
7:12 am
know, geraldo and i had that infamous shootout about illegal immigration and criminals and all that. he disagrees. he thinks the white house is invaded by satin. >> who paid for the beer and hot dogs? >> i did because i paid so much money. i had to give back. did he buy you the big foam finger? >> he didn't. he bought me an ice cream cone. >> mine vs. a ticket. do you know how much the tickets are? >> they're $500. >> these are $250. what a cheapskate. >> there's a big story behind all that. we won't go into it right now. >> bill couldn't describe how, how would you describe him? >> wonderful, wonderful, much older brother. >> and i thought you could be offended by your statement of depiction of rats or whatever. >> i think bill is on the verge. i have him this close to buying
7:13 am
into the whole rat idea. >> took him by the hand. >> that's right. >> as a much -- much older brother. check him out on his show today at 5:00 eastern. he formerly appeared occasionally on "the bill o'reilly show. "thank you, glenn. see you later. coming up on the show, federal deficit continues to rise. we know that and the obama administration's latest suggestion solution is get rid of the bush axe taughts. can will bring the approval rating to fall even more. chels chelsea clinton is coming down with a good will. the bathroom accident alone may cost $15,000. are they gold? hey, i'm jennifer hudson and i'm winning.
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7:16 am
>> as the national debt continues to grow, so does government spending. will washington stop its spending spree before it's too late or simply raise our taxes instead? joining us right now is indiana republican congressman mike pence joins us from the bureau. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> now, the bush era tax cuts are set to expire at the conclusion of this year. >> right. >> that's right. >> while we've heard so much about the richest 3% or 4%, you know, we need to continue to tax them at a higher rate, a lot of people don't realize that the
7:17 am
middle class tax cut is also set to expire as well. right? >> that's exactly right. the point we tried to make this weekend in the republican radio address is that if the democratic congress fails to act, taxes will go up on every single american at every single level. if you've got $1,000 per child tax credit this year, it will be $500 next year. small business owners will see their taxes go up. estate taxes will go from 0 to 55% in a single year on family farmers and small business owners so if congress fails to act, taxes will go up in every bracket, every category for every american. >> right. and the democrats say well, we would like to extend the bush era tax cuts for middle class but those elf, successful people at the top 3%, 4%, the so-called rich americans, we'll continue to tax them at a higher rate. when you talk about those rich americans, really, you're not talking about donald trump or a member of the rockefeller
7:18 am
family. you're talking about a lot of people who own and operate america's small businesses which is where a lot of people get their jobs. >> well, that's right. let's remember, this is the worst economy in 25 years. the economic policies of this administration which have just amounted to more spending and more borrowing and more bailouts and as well as government takeovers, the economic policies of this administration have failed and the very idea that we would raise taxes on job creators during the worst recession in 25 years is just -- it's just -- frankly, it's astounding to millions of americans. as you point out, according to our statistics, more than half of the people that file taxes at the level where the president and democrats say they want to cut off the tax increase, more than half of the people over $200,000 a year are actually small business owners filing as individuals. but i don't know anybody in this country who thinks that raising taxes on job creators in this recession is a path is way
7:19 am
towards recovery. >> you know what? we have a couple of polls that seem to support that viewpoint. do you approve of president obama's handling of the economy this 57% disapprove and do you think the bush era tax cuts should be allowed to expire? take a look at this. only 27% say that 64% say it continue going forward. >> and i hope that means continue all of them going forward. i hope the democrats are talking about preserving some of the tax cuts from 2001 and 2003. again, people need to know that they're adamant. the administration said this weekend that they thought the economy could withstand a tax increase. since when with do we make economic policy in washington about what the american people are going to withstand. we ought to be doing policies that put americans back to work. >> all right. a lot of people feel the same way.
7:20 am
mike pence, republican from indiana. thank you very much for joining us. straight ahead, no more discounted drinks. the battle to end ladies night at certain bars because somebody screamed "gender discrimination". i want the free drinks, too. john kerry dodging his state's tax laws. now he's addressing the allegation he should have paid massachusetts millions for his new yacht! [ female announcer ] why choose betweenelicious
7:21 am
or 100 calories? with yoplait delights, now you can finally have both. two indulgently rich layers of chocolate and raspberry yogurt... and only 100 calories.
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7:23 am
>> it's 23 minutes after the hour and time for my favorite part of the day and it's your news by the numbers. >> me, too! >> thank you, steve. $500,000. that's about how much senator john kerry avoids paying in taxes by docking his new yacht, not in massachusetts, but in rhode island.
7:24 am
the senator now says he's willing to pay any massachusetts taxes if the state determines he actually owes any. next, $400,000. that's how much taxpayers money will be spent to renovate this lifeguard station in florida. a state mandate requires the renovations include a wheelchair lift. wow. finally, $11 million. that's how much the real housewives of new jersey star theresa judice is in debt. and to pay it off, the housewife is trying to sell everything from her kid's dead and toys to her own wedding ring. good luck. gretchen? >> thanks, peter. the war on ladies night heating up. the minnesota department of human rights has declared ladies night promotions at bars against the law! calling it gender discrimination but if a private business wants to attract clientele, shouldn't they be allowed to offer them discount? here for a fair and balanced
7:25 am
debate is fox news legal analyst and author of "the 51% minority" and self-proclaimed anti-feminist mark rudolph. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> let me have you start this off. i know it's going to get fiery here. discrimination against ladies night, come on! >> i know. so sorry this is happening in minnesota, gretchen, your home state. >> no more ladies night when i go home, right? >> exactly. the human rights board of minnesota is wasting their time on ladies right. go and check out hairdressers that charge women three times as much to get their haircut or dry cleaners that charge women twice and three times as much for blouses as they tdo a man for a shirt. we're still only being paid $0.77 on the dollar. if we get a little bit of a luxury of a night, the girls night out where we don't spend quite as much, come on!
7:26 am
>> how do you argue with those points? >> well, you can't argue with those points because they're totally salacious. let's stick with the facts. minnesota has declared ladies nights a violation of human rights. but because they're violating men, they're not going to really enforce it unless men complain. this is the same state that allows convicted convicts to illegally vote for al franken. the fact of the matter is ladies night is just another female entitlement and women aren't going to show up at the bar unless they get free drinks. >> don't interrupt me! >> i'm sorry, it says nothing -- >> because the state doesn't care -- >> let me ask you this. let's say -- >> state doesn't care about enforcing the laws. >> let's say -- yes, they do. come on. the state -- let's say that the -- i go to ladies night and get a lot of women who come to the bar, do men like that or do they not? >> well, what you're just doing is reinforcing the point that
7:27 am
i've always made is that dating is legal prostitution. if women aren't going to show up unless they're bought and paid for, that's prostitution. >> first of all, get a life. ok? come on. this is ridiculous. if the free drinks so much, put a wig on and go to the bar, all right? gretchen is absolutely right. bar owners do it for a very smart reason. more women at leads night -- girls going out with girls having a good time together. not to catch men. guys will like going in there and buying the ladies -- >> you're making my point. >> you're saying it's prostitution go out on ladies night. >> why don't we have episcopalian night, too? they also have free drinks and -- >> women are not entitled to have anything for free, get over it. why don't you get a life? >> they also have these -- i'm not going to take that insult.
7:28 am
they also have these bars where you can go in and the playoffs for the nfl, the big football game, they have -- >> guess what? those are all going to go away, too. as soon as this thing happens, it's a slippery slope. none of those things will be offered. i have to wrap up, guys! >> i got to wrap it up, unfortunately. >> when your hair is as short as mine, you can pay what i pay for a haircut. this is a totally bogus salacious argument. >> thank you very much. he's the proud father of a soldier who lost his life in iraq. he may be a little too loud. they want him to tear down a memorial to his son. inside chelsea clinton's multimillion dollar marriage. that's a fraction of the final bill. my wife thinks we stay at quali hotels to sle in their big comfy bs.
7:29 am
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7:32 am
>> a web site called wikileaks has posted 90,000 classified military documents about the war in afghanistan. it's a huge deal and the pentagon is outraged. the white house is furious and, of course, british petroleum relieved. finally a leak that has nothing to do with us. thank goodness. whoa! >> yeah, good point. all right, welcome back on this tuesday morning. this is day the 99 of the gulf oil disaster. the federal government has organized an army of workers to clean up the oil. there's a problem right now. they're having trouble finding the oil. this as a date is set for b.p. c.e.o. tony hayward, toxic tony as he's known to lead the company. joining us from grand isle, louisiana is craig boswell. i understand that behind you out there somewhere is a lot of oil but it simply is not on the surface anymore and they don't know where it is.
7:33 am
>> certainly. in fact, the government is saying there's a lot of these tarballs that are breaking up. there's a lot of mattes, what they call them are very, very difficult to find from the air. they're saying there's hundreds and thousands of them out there. they're having to really work to find some of the tarballs. as you mentioned, tony hayward, you call them toxic tony. there's other words for him near. they call him tony baloney. he's stepping down october 1st and going to be replaced by bob dudley who spent some time an hour and a half north of the gulf coast. should play well in the south. while this is a new public face, this is still the same disaster for people here in the gulf. >> tens of thousands of people, out of work. don't know what's going to happen with this bill and he's got to come out and make some smart remarks? >> of course, b.p. reported a $17 billion second quarter loss. that's the other big news for b.p. now, out at the oil spill site, skimers and boats are out
7:34 am
working and thad allen is saying next monday, they should begin part of that static kill message to try to permanently cap this well. followed -- it's a two step process. followed five days later by that second part of that static kill where they go way underneath that well and pump in mud and cement and hopefully by mid august, they can permanently cap this well but, of course, steve, that depends on weather conditions and that hurricane season really begins to heat up right about that time in august, too. back to you. >> all right. craig boswell with a live report from the gulf. tony hayward may go to russia to replace the guy they've got there now because he's run out of the united states. bob dudley was actually run out of russia a while back and had to -- was in hiding for a while and so he's the guy who now is going to be sent to the gulf coast. >> so new meaning of being sent to siberia. >> indeed. that's right. >> all right. a couple other headlines for you. emotions exploding outside a city council meeting when residents learn some members are making about $100,000 a year
7:35 am
working part time. last night, members of bell, california's city council agreed to slash their salaries by 90% and two members will not seek re-election now. some residents say that's not enough. >> you all need to go to jail so we don't have to pay you one penny. >> bunch of crooks. we don't want you around even if you offer to work for nothing. you were a crook yesterday. you are a crook today and you'll be a crook tomorrow. >> oh! >> you have to remember, california essentially broke right now. the state's attorney general's office is investigating and subpoenaed hundreds of documents from that city. >> thanks. the federal judge overseeing the september 11th health compensation admits the settlement stinks but says the victim should accept the $712 million deal anyway. he called himself a failure for not being able to get more money. at least 95% of the nearly
7:36 am
11,000 victims have until the end of september to accept the deal that he's worked so hard at. >> meanwhile, the number of mislabelled graves at arlington national cemetery could be a lot more than originally reported. >> this is not complicated. this is not a complex software assignment. it's a simple scheduling and keeping track of where someone is buried. >> originally, an internal army review found that more than 200 mislabelled graves were at arlington but the senator says there could be thousands because the army review only focused on one section of the cemetery. not the whole place. >> he gave his life for this country and now a cemetery is threatening to take down the american flag at his grave as soon as today. albert dock-bitten was killed in iraq in 2008. family put up a granite monument at memorial park cemetery. it's flanked by 10 foot
7:37 am
flagpoles that fly old glory and the p.o.w. and m.i.a. flag. the manager plans to enforce a rule that prohibits memorials more than four feet. his father is threatening to move his son's body to a new cemetery if that happens. a tornado is being blamed for leaving two people dead. it happened near reserve, montana where the twister flattened a farmhouse. another woman was hurt. her condition is unknown. same tornado dropped into north dakota. no reports of any injuries there. let's take a look at where it's raining and storming on this tuesday morning. we've had a rumble of thunder through the lower mississippi valley. you can see the storm is chewing up, it's dissipated over the last couple of hours and it's moving into the mid atlantic area and also through portions of the upper tier of states from
7:38 am
the great state of minnesota back through montana. some showers there. currently, we have a lot of 60's and 70's on the map. we have 62 in cleveland. 78 in raleigh. 74 in atlanta and 75 right now in the big d. later on today, in portions of the north central plains, it will be approaching 100 degrees. 103 today by the way in phoenix and all the way from florida right up through dixieland, temperatures in the mid to upper 90's in some spots and a lot of hum humidi hum humidity as well. 91 here in new york city. >> coming up this weekend, chelsea clinton will be getting married. she's the only child of bill and hillary clinton. it's a celebrity wedding and everybody is intrigued about all the details which have been very secretive until this point. one of the newspapers in new york has done its own analysis and estimation of what this wedding could possibly cost. their total -- caching, $3.3
7:39 am
million. >> or maybe even as high as $5 million. apparently, they plan to invite about 500 people and look at these numbers, peter johnson, jr. did you spend $500,000 in your -- at your -- >> no. >> your wife blanche for flowers. >> we both have -- we have a lovely daughter. maybe that's something to start saving for. >> booze 30 k. >> i think it's going to be higher. >> by the way, the dress for all the ladies out there who care is either going to be vera wang or oscar de la renta. >> the aisle runner. >> the dresses are crazy. >> especially here in new york. the aisle runner here in new york they say would run $10,000. they're going to use, perhaps, portable toilets to the tune of $15,000. $200,000 on security alone and
7:40 am
one big number that we're not including is they're gonna have a tent. a big tent with glass walls and the tent, they estimate, $600,000. for a tent for two hours. >> there's no royalty in this country but this is our version of american royalty. i mean, is that too much money to spend for a wedding even if you have it in these tough economic times? >> if it's their money, i don't give a rip how much they spend. >> i was talking to somebody yesterday, they said these are leaders of the people. bill and hillary clinton, what does that say to people who don't have a job, that don't have the capacity to do it, that somebody is going to spend $3 to $5 million on a wedding they've earned the money, that britain has booked and gone on speaking tours and had wonderful success in this country, god bless them but is that what we're about? and is it really going to cost $3 million?
7:41 am
maybe ""the daily news"" has it wrong. maybe they're bringing subway sandwiches in for everybody. who knows what's going on? >> that's right, we don't know. >> at $3 million, they estimate it would be $6,000 a head. >> $6,000 a head. >> yeah. >> $6,000 a head. so you got to think, ok, now, is that really a $6,000 friend? should we invite that friend? are they worth that much? >> i'd love to be there. so i don't know. no doubt it will set trends. that's one thing you can be rest assured. >> a lot of soup kitchens are being cut in most of the 50 states. >> e-mail us and let us know what you think. an expose has sparked controversy over how much we spend on private contractors in iraq and afghanistan. are these private companies necessary to keep america safe or are they a big waste of money? >> and you may be surprised what the former c.e.o. of
7:42 am
blackwater says. he's coming up with that. when the bosses wouldn't listen, cops went to the public. they called out city leaders on billboards in their town for cutting jobs. that story coming up. uh oh. sorry, son, but you still have 'em. [ female announcer ] you can't pass inspection withies left behind. luckily charmin ultra strong is soft and more durable, so you're left with a more dependable clean. fewer pieces left behind, charmin ultra strong.
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7:45 am
>> a two-year investigation by "the washington post" revealed the massive role that private contractors play in our national security. but are these private companies pertinent to keeping america safe or making us more vulnerable to corruption? eric prince is the founder of the firm formerly known as blackwater, one of the largest most prominent private security contractors in the u.s. we have a lot to talk about, mr. prince. >> good morning. >> we have these revelations now for "the washington post" with regard to contractors and how prevalent they are in terms of
7:46 am
our national defense. too many? useful, not useful? >> there's certainly been a lot of additions in government in the national security space in the last few years. the u.s. government has mastered the most expensive ways to wage war in iraq or afghanistan. they're going to need that private sector going forward to try to get a handle on their costs. that being said, the layers is germane because there's definitely room to cut. there's definitely room to pare down. i don't want anyone to think -- it's tough for the obama administration to propose cutting on defense or national security because they're labelled to being weak on it. there's a lot of room to pare down and room to pare down on the rest of government. when they're given a chunk of work to perform and made to perform it at less budget than what it would cost the u.s. government to do it. in replacing one pentagon civil service bureaucrat with a private sector bureaucrat, that doesn't make sense.
7:47 am
that's not a value to the taxpayers but if a large chunk of work that you're going to measure a cost for, push that to the private sector and let them compete for it, that makes sense. you know, in my own experience, the -- it's one thing to train -- to trade liberty for security. it's another thing to trade liberty for a lot of bureaucratic incompetence. >> let's talk about trading liberty for insecurity. we have thousands of pages of leaks on something called wikileaks exposing what's gone on in afghanistan. how is that useful for our war effort and what's the effect? >> it doesn't help the u.s. effort at all. it's one other case of the u.s. government is just not very serious about prosecuting leaks. you know, someone can sell a secret to a foreign government and it will be investigated or maybe even prosecuted. someone can sell it to "the new york times" or maybe to the media and state secrets are not treated as a secret anymore. >> let's talk about foreign governments as well. there's been some concern in some quarters about the role of
7:48 am
pakistan and ralph peters has spoken to that issue. let's watch what he had to say and i'd like your reaction. >> i've been arguing for years that the pakistanis are helping the taliban kill and wound american troops. i've argued with generals and others on this. they keep saying, well, you have to give the pakistanis a chance. they're going to come around. they'll see the light. that's like dating a nut case and hoping your patience converts them to a model spouse. real world doesn't work for that. our response for the pakistanis to shield al-qaida has been to give them another $6 billion. tell me how this works. >> ralph peters, is he right on or the general that he's talking about right on? does he make sense or not make sense? >> pakistanis were certainly the sponsors and the controllers of the taliban or the forces and even the taliban during the 1990's and there are certainly
7:49 am
elements within pakistan that are very friendly and supportive of the taliban and other parts of the pakistani government that are not. so it's certainly got to put pressure on them to do the right thing. they're hedging their bets. if they know the u.s. is drawing down, they want to control the talib taliban going forward. certainly that the taliban is primarily an ethnic movement. >> one last question, should these people who are leaking these official government documents be prosecuted? >> at some point, it has to stop because politicians will say these people need to be investigated and they will and nothing will happen. >> eric, thank you so much for being with us. hope to see you soon. appreciate having you. ok. more cities are slashing police officers to make the ends meet on their budgets. but these cops are not taking the decision lying down. they're calling out city hall where everyone can see. and what was that? the number one song on this date in 1993 "can't help falling in love" by ub-40. play it.
7:50 am
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>> well, you're gonna want to pay attention to this story. a battle is being waged right now in michigan between one city and its police officers. police officers in bay city have pulled together some cash to buy this billboard procetesting the firing of five of their colleagues due to budget cuts. the city is not backing down. >> don ardridge is the treasury and secretary of the police department. he joins us live. >> how are you? >> bay city like many cities in the united states are facing a budget shortfall i understand of
7:54 am
something like $2 million and the city says that they had been negotiating with you guys in good faith and while they were able to make a deal with the fire department and some other unions, the police department had been playing hardball and actually asked for wage increases. how do you respond to that? >> we've made several concessions through negotiations and we weren't looking at increases. we were helping out and again, making the concessions that we feel that they were asking for. >> so don, one of the things that you decided to do was to buy up these billboards to let the people in your community, according to you, know that five police officers were gonna be let go and this could be the result. and what it says on that billboard is it's possible with a masked gunman, it says beaten, shot, stabbed, robbed, five laid off bay city cops could have -- could have, i guess what you're saying is they could have stopped any of these things from
7:55 am
happening. is this going too far? too much a scare tactic? >> well, it definitely got the message across. it's a reality, though. when you're -- when you're out there on the streets dealing with the violence each and every night, you know, that's what it is and it was designed to motivate our citizens to contact their commissioners and tell them that they support their police department. >> well, what the billboard is saying, essentially is they spent -- the city spent money to fix a roof on a municipal building. the money that they could have used to keep those five guys on the city payroll. but don, you've got to admit the city is facing a $2 million shortfall. apparently, some accounting firm came in and estimated they needed a 10.8 reduction across the board and if the other unions are taking the reduction
7:56 am
and the police are not, you know, it sounds like the city commission had their hands tied. >> well, we feel we came to the 10.8 reduction and we just couldn't come to an agreement with the city on that. >> let me ask you this. if the city came back to you now and said -- with another offer or the same offer, would you take it? >> with the same offer of? what we had at the table? yeah. >> because the city says you wanted a wage increase while the others had taken a decrease. all right. don with the bay city police officer. sir, thank you very much for joining us live today. >> thank you very much. >> you bet. >> well, this unbelievable story about that medical mix-up that could cost doctors their jobs. telling the wrong parents your child is dead. we'll talk live with both of those families in the next hour. >> then the decision came down late last night, a town passed a law that requires english only. is that a good idea?
7:57 am
we'll report, and you're gonna decide as we roll on live from new york city. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is o beach. ♪ this is our pool. ♪ our reworks. ♪ and our slip and slide. you have your idea of summer fun, and we have ours. now during the summer event get an exceptionally engineered e-class for 1.9 percent apr or lease one for $689 a month.
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>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. hope you're having a great day. it's tuesday, july 27, 2010. is congressman charlie rangel working out a deal right now with the democrats to avoid an embarrassing public ethics trial? >> i haven't heard anything like that. i wish i could accommodate you. >> gretchen: well, some say closed door meetings may suggest otherwise. >> steve: do you remember paul mccartney's bush bashing at the white house? if you didn't see it here, you might not be able to see it at all. who is covering up the former beatles liberal comments now? that may surprise you. >> peter: and they're being called america's latest war heros, two dogs that saved a soldier's life. now they have a new home. the first pictures of their
8:01 am
arrival leaving afghanistan for america as "fox & friends" starts right now. #. >> this is emeril legasse, you're watching "fox & friends," bam, bam! >> steve: welcome aboard. it's hour 3 of "fox & friends" for tuesday. brian is taking a much deserved vacation and peter johnson, jr., our house attorney, is here. >> peter: thank you. >> steve: great to have you. >> gretchen: great to see you. we have to kick off our last hour with a knocks news alert. nato confirming one of the two missing sailors in afghanistan, unfortunately, is dead. the body has been recovered and family members have now been informed. colorado law maker jim kerr says the sailor was his wife's nephew, justin mcneily. the navy not confirming that yet. the search continues for the other missing sailor. the taliban says it captured him, but the military is not addressing that claim. bp confirmed this morning that ceo tony hayward will step down. it's going to happen on october 1. he's then going to be sent to
8:02 am
siberia. yep. he's getting a cushy job with the company's joint british-russian venture. he will be replaced by bob dudley. on capitol hill four hearings get underway surrounding the disaster. american taxpayers will be footing part of bp's tax bill. the company reported record losses of $17 billion for last quarter. bp says it took out a $32 billion provision in order to pay clean-up costs. however, bp will be able to get a $10 billion tax credit which means they will only pay $22 billion for the clean-up. you needed a calculator for that story. right? big dogs prove they're more than man's best friend. they're war heros and today get new homes. three dogs living on an army base in afghanistan are credited with stopping a taliban terrorist from blowing up u.s. barracks and saving soldiers' lives. one of the dogs didn't survive.
8:03 am
two of the strays are reuniting with some of the soldiers thanks to the puppy mission rescue facebook group. one will head to georgia to live with a sergeant who nursed him back to health and the other will fly to phoenix with a medic who saved her life. >> steve: that's a great story. the white house says it could take weeks to assess the damage done from the leaking of those documents regarding the war in afghanistan. the damage is not done yet. wikileaks says it's got thousands more documents to release. wendell goler is live at the white house where they're trying it figure out how bads to. >> chris: good morning. the founder says he withheld about 15,000 of the 90,000 classified documents provided to him at the request of the person who gave him the documents to try to minimize the harm, but is clear he may release them in the future. the white house trying to minimize the damage from the
8:04 am
documents that were released and the pentagon is trying to track down the computer they came from. the documents provide fresh evidence that some of our afghan and pakinstani allies are unreliable. there are more examples of civilian casualties and efforts to kill al-qaeda and taliban leaders. pentagon spokesman says there is nothing particularly new or illuminating in the documents, but says the scale and scope are unprecedented and white house spokesman robert gibbs says the details could cause problems. >> it's not the content as much as it is there are names, there are operations. there is logistics, there are sources. all of that information out in a public way has the potential to do harm. >> wikileaks opposes the war in afghanistan and the leak has forced the white house to reassure pakinstani and taliban
8:05 am
officials -- and afghan officials that it's safe to share information with us. the leaks are intended to strengthen the hand of critic in congress who believe the war is unwinnable. we'll get a sense of how much success the found more in that effort later today when the senate foreign relations committee holds a hearing on the war in afghanistan and a $60 billion funding bill for it. steve? >> steve: all right, wendell goler reporting live from the white house. we thank you very much. congress, the number one parlor game up on capitol hill right now is charlie rangel. will he step down before any sort of a trial happens? everybody has been asking him about that. he then responds, wait until we know what the facts are. fox asked charlie rangel about whether or not there was a deal being cooked up behind closed doors last night. >> i haven't heard anything like that.
8:06 am
i wish i could accommodate, but i really can't. i haven't heard anything from the last question. i wish i could respond. >> gretchen: the congressman has been in the public eye and in politics for long enough to know exactly how to spin and he does it really well, which is to not answer the question. he's behind locked doors with a democrat democrat from california, a pivotal member of that group that's going to be launching this probe and investigation coming up on thursday. so are they crafting a deal? why? because this is a very embarrassing thing for democrats coming up in the midterm elections. do they want this ethics thing hanging over their head, especially when the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, said that she was going to run the cleanest congress ever. listen to this. >> we'll keep our promise to drain the swamp that is washington, d.c., to let sunshine disinfect the congress. >> steve: yeah. peter, apparently they're going
8:07 am
to reveal the findings of the probe on thursday and then eight members of the house are going to start essentially a trial. at the end of the trial, does that mean they can vote on whether or not to bounce him is this. >> peter: there is a whole bunch of different remedies. he could be out of congress and i think the issue is in terms of a deal, in terms of being a lawyer and looking at that, obviously you want to cut a deal before the charges are made public because once the charges are made public -- >> steve: they stick. >> peter: it becomes more difficult and the outcry becomes why is there a deal on these specific charges? the other deal on this congressman is from what i understand and speaking to people who know him, he believes perhaps that if there were mistakes made, they were unintentional. that is the defense in his case. >> steve: i want to hear that. >> peter: after 40 years and after getting your way for a long time, it's very hard for any politician to admit to
8:08 am
anything at this point. >> steve: stand by because the republicans are already using this to pummel democrats who took charlie rangel money. >> gretchen: a lot of people think this is why we should have term limits because people get a little too comfortable in those positions. let's talk about paul mccartney. remember two months ago when he was performing at the white house and then when the president left the event, paul mccartney decided, hey, i think it's time to bash bush. remember this? >> it's a fantastic honor. the family to give me this incredible award and for me to be awarded it by the library of congress. in fact, after the last eight years, it's great to have a president who knows what a library is. >> steve: there was an outcry on the right and some on the left saying that wasn't forum. if you didn't just see that, you're not going to see it on the 90 minute special on pbs because according to a fox news
8:09 am
employee who saw the special, they have edited it out. >> peter: why did they do that? that's interesting. >> gretchen: interesting political question because, i don't know, pbs, i'm not sure if it goes left or right, but it is an issue. >> steve: i think it goes left. >> gretchen: i was gog take a stab in the dark. they're going to make something longer than the actual show was, you might think they were looking for fillers. but instead, they took that very controversial comment out. what do you think about it? >> peter: maybe they're better off. i don't want to hear president bush trashed. >> gretchen: it was a lie. it was actually a lie. >> peter: when people hear that, especially from a big rock icon like paul mccartney, they say, must be true. >> steve: yeah. >> gretchen: not me. >> peter: not me either. >> gretchen: president bush had a reading contest with karl rove and i remember his wife was a librarian and his mother was a huge advocate of literacy. >> peter: what was the last book that paul mccartney read?
8:10 am
>> gretchen: good question. >> steve: let's talk about this, there is a town in minnesota, a suburb of the twin cities, lino lakes and they voted last lakes. >> peter: have you been there? >> gretchen: yeah. >> steve: what they voted for last night is they passed an english only law where they say all the town's businesses got to be done, except stuff protected by title 6, that's the civil rights provision of the u.s. code -- everything else has got to be in english. we're just doing it -- forget about the arizona thing. has nothing to do with arizona, although that was brought up yesterday. it has to do with we are short on cash. >> peter: we're not going to be translating documents that are not essential to health and safety and, therefore, this complies constitutionally and with the civil rights act and that's what we're going to do and some other folks around the country are doing the same thing. >> steve: yeah. >> gretchen: because they say look, the staff has taken furloughs. we've had to have pay cuts and
8:11 am
we don't have the cash to be able to do this extra stuff. let us know what you think about that. >> steve: straight ahead on this tuesday, arizona's new immigration law, which i mentioned last night in the great state of minnesota, is slated to go into effect day after tomorrow if a judge does not strike it down first. joining us -- up next, the top republican on the judiciary committee, senator jeff sessions says the lawsuit should be thrown out. >> peter: i loved lady gaga. has she found religion? her latest deal with a group of nuns. >> steve: i got to hear this. ♪ .
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> steve: we've been talk being this for a while. arizona's new immigration law sets to take effect later this week, unless a judge says otherwise. lawsuits filed by both the department of justice and the aclu argued that the legislation violates the constitution. however, a recent rasmussen poll, 65% of voters continue to favor the law while only 27% are opposed to it. >> peter: senator jeff sessions is the ranking republican on the judiciary committee. he doesn't agree with the lawsuit, but more concerned with the prettyickization of the department of justice. the senator joins us live from washington, d.c good morning. >> good morning.
8:15 am
>> peter: what is the politicization? how are they acting in ways that are overly political and not in the interest of the american people? >> it's clear on immigration, for example, that they made commitments during this last campaign and when dutiyful law officers attempted to raid a place that had illegal aliens, napolitano said she was going to get to the bottom of it. what she meant was, she was going to go after the agent who did his job. once again, arizona now is attempting to try to help enforce the laws of immigration in the united states and the attorney general's office is suing the state. this is a dark day in the department of justice. i can't imagine we'd have the spectacle of the government of the united states seeking to suppress a state who simply is attempting to assist them in the enforcement of congressionally passed law. >> steve: that's the opinion held by a majority of americans.
8:16 am
i'm sure senator, you've seen those polls that show a majority like the idea, would like to see it in their states and in some cases, it doesn't go far enough. what about the argument that has been made, sir, that the white house is doing this to essentially gin up their base and they need the support that this, they think, will provide them? >> perhaps that's what they're attempt to go do, but the american people understand this. in fact, i don't think they understand just how irresponsible, how unbelievable this lawsuit is against arizona. maybe there is some technical reason, i don't know, that a judge might find it improper, but from the surface of it to me and having read it, i think it's perfectly legitimate and their policy is to not enforce the law and to block the enforcement of the law. so i don't see how this could help them politically. >> peter: what effect does it
8:17 am
have when high government officials inject the issue of race with regard to the motivation for the arizona law, but then bring a lawsuit that's not based on racial disparity, but on some other value in the constitution? does that turn people against each other in a political way in this country? >> i think it is a divisive and unfair thing to do. i mean, we know, for example, a million people have been arrested at our borders, thousands are crossing it regularly on the arizona sector, hundreds of thousands. so to suggest that this is somehow a racial thing, to try to bring lawfulness to illegality is beyond me and i think it's because of a political deal that has been revealed and the idea that we can't have comprehensive reform without -- if we do the border first, is wrong. the way to improve our immigration law is to end the illegality at the border, this
8:18 am
massive flow of illegal immigration and then we can begin to deal effectively and fairly with the long-term problems we have in this country. >> steve: all right. senator sessions, we thank you very much for joining us today. that was a great last question. >> peter: thanks. interesting answer. her father prayed over her hospital bed for a week, but his daughter was dead. the woman he was praying over was someone else's child. both families of these girls join us live next. >> steve: and another airline looking to cut costs say, hey, board yourself. get yourself on the plane. is that a good move or a recipe for chaos? that's straight ahead.
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
>> steve: another example of paying more for less at the
8:22 am
airlines. continental is starting self-boarding. passengers just swipe their ticket at a kiosk and the turnstile opens for them to board. the tsa says this will not compromise security because all passengers have to be screened before boarding anyway. continental is testing the procedure right now at their hub in houston. in over an hour, closing arguments resume in the trial of blago. yesterday the judge refused to let his lawyers bring up witnesses who never testified during the trial. not supposed to do that. his lawyer says he'll do it anyway, even if that means he goes to jail. over to you, gretchen. >> gretchen: thank you. this story is a mix-up of epic proportion. now an arizona hospital is apologizing to two families after they misidentified two women involved in a deadly car cash. abbey guerra, 19, was initially listed as having died at the scene of the july 18 wreck. and her best friend, marlenea, cantu, as the one who survived.
8:23 am
but nearly a week after the crash, comparison of dental records confirmed that marlenea was actually the one who died while abbey survived. >> as doctors struggled to save this patient's life, we could not readily tell the patient's identity. we interviewed family members that evening and asked for any discernible visual information that could help us make that positive identification. from the information that was provided us on that evening, we believed the patient was marlenea cantu. >> gretchen: joining me now are abbey's aunt and marlenea's cousin, chris garcia. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: this is such a horrific situation no matter how you look at it. chris, i want to start with you because while you were at the bedside of your cousin for a week, you believed she was the one in the hospital bed fighting for her life and now you have
8:24 am
found out that she, marlenea is actually the one who passed away >> it's really been a horrible, unfortunate tragedy. i mean, you've kind of mentioned it there that we spent six days hopeful and vigilant at the bedside of a person who is unfamiliar to our family, who we thought was marlena, to only find out six days later that it wasn't and it was abbey guerra. so it's been a very horrific, tragic situation for both families, of course. >> gretchen: they were beth friends, so it complicates the situation even more. you are the aunt of abbey who now is alive. i mean, please help us understand what kind of emotions your family has gone through in this amazing turn of events. >> well, first i'd like to give our sympathy to the cantu
8:25 am
family. this is a horrible, horrible situation and on saturday, we were feeling the same things that marlena's family felt previously, so we were in the grieving process when we found out abbey was alive. so it was very traumatic, the whole situation. >> gretchen: i understand that because there was a brain injury, the head had been shaved and there was so much bruising on the face that so many times people hear these stories and think, how could you not know who that person was, but that is apparently why. so they had to wait until dental records proved that one of the girls had actually not had her wisdom teeth taken out and there was a scar, right, chris? mrrlena had a scar on his stomach from surgery? >> yes, that's right. she had appendicitis some time ago and that became one of the
8:26 am
most identifying characteristics was the surgical scar. >> gretchen: so they were finally able to identify her. durenda, what is the state of health now with abbey? >> abbey still is in critical condition and hasn't changed and if people could put her in their thoughts and prayers, we would greatly appreciate it. >> gretchen: of course. let's listen together. i want to play what the hospital is now saying about this horrible mix-up. >> the hospital does not conduct fingerprinting nor do dental records in the middle of a trauma situation because the overwhelming emphasis is on saving the patient's life. >> gretchen: after hearing that, chris, what does the cantu family plan to do now? >> i mean, at this point, we're not looking to point any fingers right now. we're just happy that a person
8:27 am
was correctly identified and that we're gng to get to celebrate the end of marlena's life and the beautiful life she lived. but we're just all trying to grieve right now. the guerra family was mourning all week, so they're going through a tremendous roller coaster of emotions. but we're all trying to pull together right now. we're just really not pointing any fingers at any agency at this moment. >> gretchen: wow. that is very big of you to have that kind of attitude after the loss of your loved one. our hearts and prayers go out to both families. thank you so much for joining us and to think these friends were on a friendship trip, coming home from disneyland and this horrible accident happened. thank you both for your time. >> thank you so much. >> gretchen: let's go to steve and peter. >> peter: painful story, long-term consequences. i handle add similar case and it's tough. >> steve: it is tough.
8:28 am
>> peter: let's talk about something happier. >> steve: we'll move on. straight ahead, ladies night is coming to an end. all because somebody screamed gender discrimination. what do you think? e-mail us. we've already got a whole bunch of people weighing in. >> peter: then perhaps this reporter should have taken a few tips from the skateboarding dog before challenging him to a race and the real story -- >> steve: find out who paid for what. who picked up the nachos and who paid for the brewsky if they were drinking?
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> steve: did you notice last night it was laura ingram who was filling in for bill o'reilly. you might have wondered where or where could he have gone. >> gretchen: he was all the way on the west coast and he was hanging out with jay leno.
8:32 am
>> you were spotted at yankee stadium with your entourage. show that picture. i tell you why this fascinates me. who do you have more in common with? geraldo rivera or glenn beck? >> both of them come on my program. geraldo is a classic social liberal, conservative fiscally guy, lives in new jersey. beck, i can't really describe beck. he is just unique. so when they say stuff and geraldo and i have issued out about illegal immigration and beck thinks rats are invading the white house and satan. >> who paid for the beer and hot dogs? >> i did because they paid me so much money. >> steve: that's funny. >> gretchen: beck was on the show a little bit earlier in our 7:00 o'clock hour and he admit that had bill o'reilly bought him an ice cream cone. maybe it cost bill o'reilly a buck. what does glen really think about bill since bill kind of
8:33 am
took a hit at him there in a fun way. >> a wonderful, wonderful, much, much older brother. >> gretchen: i thought you would get offended by his statement about his depiction of rats. >> i think bill is -- i have him this close, i have him this close to buying into the whole rat idea. >> gretchen: i'm not so sure about that. >> steve: in the new york post today, the cover story, this is disturbing. this woman has been apparently posing as a nun for years and years collecting money for an orphanage that does not exist. now the attorney general is going after her. this is the part we want to feature. look at this. on page 11, the most powerful name in morning news. >> gretchen: look at those people. >> peter: it says that "fox & friends" beats all of the
8:34 am
morning competition combined. >> steve: you think the other shows on the other cable channels and you stack them up and they're still short of just this one little show that takes place on this curvy couch. >> peter: you guys do an incredible job. especially that ad today. that's a wonderful thing. it's a lovely picture. >> gretchen: thank you. >> steve: we've got to thank you because we would not be number one for over 100 months without all of you out there in tv land. you have got a remote and you can make many decisions on what you watch and thanks to you we're number one. big story over the last 99 days has been the gulf oil disaster and perhaps none as big. as early as this morning, a date was set for bp's ceo, tony hayward's departure. the federal government has run into a problem with its clean-up efforts. they can't find the oil. case boswell is joining us from louisiana. we knew with tropical storm
8:35 am
bonnie kind of stirred things up a little bit. now they're looking for the oil and they can't find it on the surface? >> indeed. some of the flyovers that they're doing, the coast guard flyovers, a lot of these are too small to see from the air, so you have to get on boats and really look for them. they're saying there is hundreds of thousands of these mats on the oil. you mentioned tony hayward. bp's ceo that's been a lightning rod for criticism. october 1 is now the date for his departure as the ceo. he'll be replaced by bob dudley, an american, grew up in mississippi, an hour and a half north of the gulf of mexico here. that southern roots may play well in this area. people here just want to know they're being taken care of in the long-term. it's a new face, still same disaster. out at the site of the blownout well, the government's point man, thad allen, set up a
8:36 am
process to begin permanently capping that well. take a listen. >> to be in a position on monday, the 2nd of august, to begin the static kill and then approximately five days later to begin the bottom kill. we have the potential to enter the in -- in and kill the well. >> chris: that depends on whether the conditions, the hurricane conditions begin heating up. it could be mid august or later. that's best case scenario and as you know, things have not gone so well so far. it was delayed after tropical storm bonnie and a lot of those workers that were evacuated are back on this beach and they're trying to get this beach cleaned up here as well as other beaches along the gulf coast. steve, back to you. >> steve: we got five or six weeks left in the summer tourist season. anybody there? >> grand isle is really small.
8:37 am
mostly it's workers out working on this and certainly a lot of media. but i was talking to several business owners. this was a huge fishing tournament this weekend that was canceled. so they lost out on 30,000 people that normally come into that area for that. >> steve: thanks very much. >> gretchen: time for the rest of your headlines. we expect to hear new details in the case of cryon horman. people will release that information during a news conference tonight. the 7-year-old disappeared back in june. his stepmom was the last person to see him and has been the focus of the investigation. peter? >> peter: thank you. massachusetts senator john kerry is under fire for docking his yacht in rhode island instead of his home state of massachusetts. that saved senator kerry $500,000 a year in taxes. the senator says he's only docking the $7 million yacht there to have some work done. >> i said consistently, we will pay our taxes, we've always paid
8:38 am
our taxes. it's not an issue, period. there is nothing more to say about it. >> peter: gop candidate for state treasurer is urging the massachusetts governor to see if kerry owes any back taxes on the boat. >> steve: meanwhile, lady gaga's catholic school upbringing may be catching up to her. a very holy group of singers are joining the pop star by signing on with lady gaga's record label. ♪ >> steve: deca records inked a deal with the order of benedictine nuns. the sisters from france are skilled gregorian chanters. the reverend mother says they agreed to the deal in hopes of touching people's lives and giving them peace. now they've got a connection to gaga. >> gretchen: maybe they should hang out with her a little bit
8:39 am
so she can clean up her act. 400 dogs were in attendance for a texas rangers game. among the dogs are tillman, who has shown off his skateboarding skits. jim knox tried to keep up with tillman before the game. >> outside the ballpark, skating with tillman, the famous skateboarding dog! he weighs 60 pounds! not bad! whoa! >> peter: he's okay. >> gretchen: yeah. >> steve: that image showed you that a dog in that case is a better skateboarder than a tv guy. >> gretchen: yeah. >> peter: the dog almost bought the farm there, too. that was very close. >> gretchen: something that's created a fire storm this morning on the show. we've gotten so many e-mails and tweets about this whole deal in minnesota where they're declaring lady's night unconstitutional or discriminatory or both. which one is it?
8:40 am
discriminatory? >> it could be both. >> gretchen: so what did you think about that? >> peter: tammy from florida said, ladi' night helps men who don't want to break the bank get drinks for a woman he may want to get to know. it's not just for women. >> steve: good point. theresa in florida says, i am so tired of women who want the best of both worlds. do you want equality everywhere or only sometimes? come on, ladies. >> gretchen: any own personal opinion, if you're going to get rid of ladies night, then let's make sure women are paid the same salaries and we had other good points about hair cut, they should cost the same. >> peter: and maybe wear a wig. >> gretchen: ben said, if restaurants can't discriminate based on race, why should they be allowed to discriminate based on sex? if they had a black night or white night, wouldn't we be arguing that is wrong? but private companies like cruise ships have gay and lesbian cruise ships.
8:41 am
this stuff happens with private companies. i think that's the debate. you would be the legal scholar on this. >> peter: this is a very complex debate. i'm going to avoid it this morning. we should yield to the constitution and the laws of this nation. apart from that, if you want to go to ladies night, fine. >> gretchen: i say you get more ladies into the bar. >> peter: you're okay? >> gretchen: this is so silly. where does it go after this if you can't have ladies night? it's crazy. >> steve: e-mail us what you think. straight ahead, sanctions against the country of iran don't seem to be working. some have suggested a full pledged military strike is next on washington's agenda. we have an iranian panel assembled that will weigh in on that. >> peter: marijuana could be legalized in the state of california. but not if one police chief has anything to say about it. the top cop who says he is dead
8:42 am
set against pot becoming legal. >> steve: peace pot night. -- it's pot night.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> gretchen: proposition 19 is on the california ballot this fall. if passed, it would make marijuana legal. >> peter: what if the police would have to protect that law think it's a really bad idea? let's find out. joining us, chief kim rainy from the covina, california police department. good morning, chief. >> good morning, how are you? >> peter: fine. thanks. the people for this say it's going to be harmless and it's going to be helpful to the people in california. is this harmless and will this help the people in california to legalize pot? >> no, absolutely not. this is one of the most devastating initiatives ever to hit california. and that's why the 350 municipal
8:46 am
police chiefs in the state are dead set against this initiative and are fighting to oppose it. >> gretchen: chief, you say it's a threat to public safety and that it's misleading. explain those. >> it's an initiative that is designed or proposed to tax and regulate marijuana. in fact, it has no chance of taxing or regulating marijuana. state of california doesn't receive one cent from this initiative should it pass. it's designed where every local government or county, and there is 478 of those in california, can now come up with their own independent taxing and regulation scheme. so it's a public policy disaster. >> peter: there is a lot of organizations that are supporting this. you look at state labor in the state of california, they're supporting this. what would the effect be if this law passed in terms of the amount and type of crimes that are committed as a result of
8:47 am
greater marijuana use in the state of california? >> the effect would be devastating. first of all, you would have a work force where now you've got people bringing and smoking marijuana at the workplace. it puts california in direct conflict with the federal work force act. all of us who receive $100,000 of federal funding or more, that money is at risks. >> gretchen: the proponents of this say look, california is broke. this is the best way for us to balance the budget. who would have thought that in 2010, we would be having a debate about legalizing pot to make up and balance a budget? >> absolutely. that's the trojan horse in this thing is that the state of california, again, doesn't get one cent from this. it's designed where each state and county can come up with their own taxing scheme. but it's horrible public policy and there is a study that was completed early this month by a
8:48 am
retired analyst from the national traffic safety authority and he evaluated the five years previous to 2004 and the five years after where medical marijuana was approved in the state of california. what they discovered is that traffic fatalities where the driver tested positive for marijuana has increased 100%. his estimate is that should this measure pass, that number will increase another 300%. >> gretchen: very interesting stats there. chief rainy, putting it in perspective for us. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> peter: military strike in iran necessary to stop a nuclear threat? >> gretchen: it could be moving up on washington's list. our iranian panel is coming up next. >> peter: first, let's check in with juliet. what's on at the top of the hour? >> wikileaks fallout and it's not just pakistan being targeted as a turncoat. it's also iran.
8:49 am
not so much turncoat, but what role are they playing in this war? also blago's lawyer should be giving closing arguments, but will he be heading out of the courtroom and into a jail cell? we'll tell you at the top of the hour. #
8:50 am
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8:52 am
>> steve: welcome back. are sanctions on iran a lost cause? will they ever stop the endless pursuit of nuclear weapons? c.i.a. director michael hayden not so confident they will. >> we engage, they continue to move forward. we vote for sanction, they continue to move forward. we try to deter to dissuade, they continue to move forward. >> steve: you got the former c.i.a. director. also recently leaked military files allege there are direct ties between iran and terrorists
8:53 am
in afghanistan. can iran be stopped? joining us to weigh in on these issues, journalist and author of the ayatollah's democracy, advisor on middle east relations, and mary, award winning iranian actress and human rights activist. are we close to a strike on iran? >> i don't think so. i think it's very unlikely. i think the rhetoric has been notched up quite a bit on both sides actually. i think there is a bit of a propaganda war going on. i really don't see a strike. i think it's highly unlikely at this point. >> steve: we hear the iranians talking about how they would like to wipe israel off the face of the map, but you say that's just grand standing for the people in iran. >> i say it's just for consumption domestically, yes. >> steve: iran would never attack israel, is that what you think? >> i think based on iran's
8:54 am
history for 2500 years, iran has attacked, to the best of my knowledge, twice, was the aggressor. iranians by nature are not aggressors. there is a lot of talk, grand standing and i said it's for domestic use only. >> steve: okay. mary, what do you think is going on over there? >> well, it's known that the past three decades has been proof that the iranian government has been deceiving the world and to my opinion, that the world has been sitting and waiting for some sort of a conclusion by negotiations with the country of iran and trying to create some sort of a peace and dialogue that we can physically be able to understand what they're doing in that country and how they're managing their affairs. unfortunately, through all the efforts that have been taken, we
8:55 am
have not reached any type of solid communication with a country that has made a mockery of the world and has been abusing women and children and their own people in the country that they live. as a result -- >> steve: and she's making the case about negotiations. you say negotiations are the only solution. >> i can't see any other solution. a military strike, even the administration, the current administration says it's unlikely to be successful and there are dangers with it, which are unimaginable dangers. so there really is only one solution. sanctions aren't going to work. again, the obama administration admits that themselves basically. iran is not an isolated country in the way we imagine it to be. it's not the same situation in south africa, in the era of apartheid. it's a very different country. russia and china are still allies of iran on some level.
8:56 am
sanctions are not going to work. the only thing that can work is negotiations. real effort on both sides to get to the negotiations. >> steve: we're nowhere near that right now. all right. they thank you all for a great discussion about what happens next in iran. >> thank you. >> steve: all right. about four minutes before the top of the hour. "fox & friends," a wrap-up for this tuesday in two minutes.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
>> gretchen: we've had more e-mail about that ladies night situation in minnesota being discriminatory and outlawed and all that than we have in recent history about almost any topic. i have a feeling we'll talk about it in the after the show show. >> steve: we will indeed. also, join us tomorrow because you will find out -- i love this -- how you can eat steak and lose weight. >> gretchen: all right! >> steve: peter johnson, jr., thank you very much. >> peter: a pleasure. >> steve: you'll be going to your regular job now. >> peter: what a great ad about su


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